Does Facebook Have a Future?

Going above and beyond the statistics paradigm

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Sites like hi5 have seized to exist ever since “Facebook” entered the scene.

However, with its growing popularity, Facebook has in the past and even now been at the receiving end of backlashes several times. Its string of controversies date back years, and involve violations of user privacy, promoting objectionable content along with the occasional misinformation; yet, it continues to grow its massive rolodex of advertisers whose funds continue to power the company’s earnings year-on-year.

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Facebook is not so young anymore

At the same time, Facebook has finally shed its pro-feminist status. As it has aged, newer social media sites have peeled away younger people amid mounting controversies, and its image has reportedly been increasingly tarnished by how people use — and are allowed to use — the platform.

The ‘Hands-off’ Approach

Despite employing legions of content moderators, Facebook has taken a largely hands-off approach to moderation, particularly when it comes to political speech.

A decline in reputation

The steady inflow regarding public disclosures and accusations has caused public opinion to downgrade the company, with its peak being reached around July as companies like Starbuck and Coca-Cola took an active role in advocating the “boycott movement”.

The Trump connection

The positions have led to speculation about Trump’s relations with Zuckerberg, whose company has been able to steer itself quite clear of the types of threats of regulation or investigation that the president has levied against tech companies like Amazon.

He explicitly said that no politician would be exempt.

Facebook also decided to ban a broader range of hateful content in ads, and agreed to an outside audit by the Media Rating Council to further clarify its stance as a “social media platform that seeks to adhere to the highest standards”.

“The biggest risk is not taking any risk…In a world that’s changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks”

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