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Debunking the myth of ‘passive investing’


Apple’s upcoming innovation could be a potential threat to Google’s monopoly

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It’s always a predicament betting against Elon Musk

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It’s a predicament that bitcoin continues to surge

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The economic principles behind Uber’s success

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Everywhere from Silicon Valley to the southern tips of Africa to the kangaroo corners down under, your ride shall only be a few taps away.

Uber is so successful because it’s so convenient. Anyone from its vast network of 2 million drivers shall be at your service in the blink of an eye. Open the app and choose a ride. Standard or…

Going above and beyond the statistics paradigm

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Even experts are prone to mistakes


A key takeaway from the 2007 annual shareholders meeting emphasizes the need for ‘diversifying’ in the long-term

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Financing the early stages of your startup

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It's no easy feat.

Idea generation is the easy part. A couple of college graduates or high school dropouts can easily identify a market need and contemplate how to solve it. But even if they did manage to find a solution, building and testing a prototype takes a considerable amount of time and in most cases — money.

Equity research in a nutshell

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